Session Routing Engine Benefits and some Use Cases

Benefits of a vendor agnostic Session Routing Engine

Netaxis have started winning large projects that use our Session Routing Engine (SRE). The learnings from some of these have allowed us to clearly explain the benefits of using the SRE.

Call routing logic is complicated

At Netaxis, thanks to our experience in building complex telecom solutions we have clearly identified that call routing logic is the most complicated part of deploying such a solution. This is also the part that requires the most flexibility and which must be future proofed in order to cope with all our customer requirements.

The SRE was developed to facilitate infinite routing possibilities regardless of the Session Border Controller partner (Audiocodes, Oracle , Ribbon et al).

It is worth highlighting the following points to demonstrate the power of the SRE. In particular an SBC is configured while the SRE is provisioned! This is very useful where “per number routing” is needed.  This is something impossible with an SBC as every single number must be configured in the SBC configuration, making routing configuration completely unmanageable and quickly reaching the configuration object limit.

Some use cases

  • Centralized barring (a DB within or external to the SRE containing the barred destination for each user)
  • Specific routing is applied for bad payer  (a DB within or external to the SRE containing the bad payer)
  • Emergency call routing for internet user like Teams (a DB containing the main user location and interaction with GeoIP DB can be used)
  • Interface with external systems though APIs or DB trigger (external DB,LDAP, salesforce, exact, GeoIP etc) which is clearly much more future proof that integration with LDAP only
  • Vendor agnostic – very important for future proofing.  Prevents being constrained to a single vendor routing capability. SRE is purpose built for routing and has a superset of capabilities compared with SBC vendor products. Routing logic is the most complicated part when deploying such solution.  If in the future you want to change SBC vendor the routing complexity is preserved in the SRE making the move a lot simpler and saving a lot of money

You are going to hear more about our Session Routing Engine. If you want to talk to us directly please get in touch either using the email address or via our contact form.

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