Netaxis Solutions Sets Up Subsidiary in Delaware, USA


Brussels, Belgium – April 28, 2023 – Netaxis Solutions, a fast-growing Belgian telecoms software company, today announced that it has set up a subsidiary in Delaware, USA. The move is part of the company’s global expansion strategy and a particular response to the growth of its business in North America.

Netaxis Solutions provides a suite of software solutions that helps telecoms operators quickly integrate Unified Communications platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and others into their voice networks. Netaxis’ Fusion automation software helps to greatly improve the customer experience and future-proof services by making it easy to add new platforms and solutions down the line. 

Netaxis has fifteen years of experience working with telcos who use their software that includes a Session Routing Engine used in both the core and the edge of large telco networks, an API Orchestrator in use by multinational telcos and a suite of other products that also encompasses Fraud Management.

The company’s software is used by over 70 large telecoms operators and service providers like Orange, T-Mobile, MTN, Proximus and many others.

The new subsidiary will allow Netaxis Solutions to better serve its customers in the Americas. The decision to set up a subsidiary in Delaware was down to a number of factors, including the state’s pro-business environment and its strategic location on the East Coast of the US. Delaware is home to many leading tech companies, making it an ideal location for Netaxis Solutions to expand its operations and tap into the thriving US telecoms market.

"We are excited to set up a subsidiary in the USA. This is a major milestone for our company and will help us to accelerate our growth in the Americas. We are confident that our solutions will be well-received by our customers in this region."

About Netaxis Solutions

Netaxis Solutions,a privately held company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium is a leading telecoms software company with a global presence in Europe, Asia, and now North America. The company’s innovative software solutions help telecoms operators and service providers to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve the overall customer experience. The company was founded in 2010.

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